Facebook moves to Visual Studio Code for internal development

Facebook has announced that it's partnering with Microsoft to use Visual Studio Code internally for its development purposes, as well as improving remote development tools. Traditionally, Facebook developers have used the company's own custom tool, Nuclide, for internal development, but in 2018, the company stopped open-source development of the tool. The transition to Visual Studio Code began late last year, and now, Microsoft's development tool is being widely used in beta by developers at Facebook.
One of the reasons Facebook has transitioned to Visual Studio Code is the fact that it's available for Windows, Linux, and macOS, but also due to the recent release of remote development extensions. These allow developers to access development environments in servers, which offer a number of advantages including more specialized hardware, and the ability to create separate development environments for different projects with lower risks of configuration conflicts.
Facebook believes these tools are not only beneficial to itself, but to every developer, so the company is also collaborating with Microsoft to improve remote development tools in Visual Studio Code. The companies have been working together, and the input provided by Facebook has resulted in improvements that anyone can access through Visual Studio Code extensions.
Having the support of a company as big as Facebook supporting Visual Studio Code should be good news for Microsoft and developers using the tool. If you're interested in it, you can download it from here for your platform of choice.