How To Change Facebook “Add Friend” Button To “Follow” Button?

 You can Change Facebook “Add Friend” button to the “Follow” button.

Follow these steps to enable the ‘Follow’ option on your Facebook profile using your mobile phone:

1. Open Facebook on your mobile and tap on the ‘menu’ and open ‘Settings & Privacy.‘

2. Open ‘Settings’ and scroll down to open privacy settings.
3. Go to the option ‘Who can send you friend requests?’ and change it to ‘Friends of Friends’ from ‘Everyone.’
4. Come back to settings and open ‘Public Posts’ and in the option ‘Who can follow me’ change your selection from ‘Friends’ to ‘Public.’

5. To confirm, go to your Facebook profile page, hit the ‘View As’ button and then click the ‘Public’ link to see what updates in your profile are public.