Spintax Tester

Spin Syntax Spintax Tester
Today, many marketing, advertising or public relations agencies demand to generate a large amount of content on the same topic. When they are going to issue press releases or communiqu├ęs, they need to have different versions of the same text written to satisfy the different demands.

Something very similar happens with bloggers who, to improve their positioning, resort to the establishment of small blogs dedicated to the same topic. They may also be in a good position to improve your search rankings and redirect that content to the home page.

However, companies or individuals also have the need to create massive texts to promote their products or services. In this sense, they occupy a good margin within the niche in which they are, having a greater capacity to attract new potential clients.

It is here, where the Spintax enters the scene as a tool to create massive content. Therefore, with this article we want to show you what the Spintax concept means, how to use it correctly, what it is for or the benefits that this way of generating content that has been going strong can bring.

What is Spintax?

The word Spintax comes from the English phrase "spinning syntax" which rotary syntax.

It is a novel technique within content creation, since it allows writers to produce a large number of articles from a single text. Also, there are other variants to generate articles, taking the coded text (spinner) from an editor, process it and write it in different versions.

For this, there are different tools that analyze language and algorithms. They are able to create unique combinations by analyzing the original text in depth. In this sense, the editor will only have to include the synonyms suggested by the tool throughout the text.

The spintax or text spinner could be defined as a technique to automatically generate text from other base text, so that it reads differently even though it is the same. This is achieved by using synonyms, sentences or different ways of saying something.

How to make a Spintax text?

To make a spintax text you must bear in mind that there are many codes and quite a few generators, each one interpreting various kinds of encodings. However, to avoid getting too confused, the most popular spintax code is the one with slashes (/) and square brackets ({,}).

Square brackets are used to mark the beginning and end of a phrase or word. Bars are always used to separate variations of a spinner word or phrase. Also, these go inside the brackets and differentiate the phrases and words that are parallel to each other.

A priori it seems a bit tedious, but with a little practice we will carry out this task almost automatically. To do this, look at the following levels that I explain below:

Word. It consists of using synonyms manually or by using a tool that generates them automatically.
Phrase : The objective of this level is that as far as possible the sentences make sense and maintain coherence with each other.
Paragraph : After the first two levels, it is time to structure our article in paragraphs that are assimilated to the base text that we have used as a reference to say the same but with different words.
Article : Last and perhaps the most complicated part, but the one that will offer you the best result, is to create a complete variation of an original article.
One recommendation that I give you is that you combine at least the first 3 levels to spin and generate quality content. In addition to entering the keywords for which we want to position ourselves and interlinking.
What is Spintax for?
If you already have previous experience in the world of content writing, SEO or copywriting, you will know that content is the great factor that Google takes into account when positioning a website or a specific article.

For this reason in particular, spintax was born, so as not to waste time in writing articles and quality content over and over again, manually with how tedious it can become to repeat the same thing all the time, requiring many more hours of work..

Therefore, the spintax serves to:
  • Save work time.
  • Generate a greater number of texts.
  • Improve positioning in Google.
  • Avoid duplicate content.
  • Avoid penalties in social networks for sending the same message several times.