Website Flipping :Small Business Idea That’ll Make You Money in 2020

Website flipping is among the new business ideas that have got everyone from work-at-home to recent graduates excited. It involves buying an already running website, improving its design and content, and then selling it for a profit. There are quite a few places where you can buy and sell websites to earn a profit. Shopify’s marketplace Exchange, for example, allows you to buy ecommerce websites that you can further improve via content marketing, SEO, and other tactics. Once your site begins to generate more revenue than when you acquired it, you can list it for sale on the marketplace. 

How Much Money Do I Need to Start Flipping Websites?

Honestly, you can launch a website flipping business with as little as $100. The investment would get you a pre-made site or online store that’s generating between $5 to $15 per month. 

Of course, higher-earning websites cost more and often sell with the benefit of having a large customer base. Website owners regularly optimize these sites for design, content, SEO, etc. so you’ll just need to focus on what’s already working without worrying about the structure. The price of high-income websites varies but is usually in thousands.

You can also choose to buy an aged website – these sites are typically 1-10 years old and have decent earnings. The cost of such websites is around a couple thousand dollars.