Why to become an Entrepreneur ?

# Passion

# Want to do something great

Lets keep these two socially desirable answers.
Are the following too some reasons?
1.   Failed to get through in campus placement
2.   Every one does it now a days
3.   Have a brilliant idea that changes the World
4.   Get millions in my bank
5.   Founder/CEO designation looks sexy
6.   I arrived
7.   Bored of Job and want to make Rs 1cr     an year
8.   Father/Father-in-law has a running business
9. Friend is starting and let me join as anyway, I am free
10. Let me try this till I get a job.

The final one - 11. I am becoming Devdas, so better start something and forget my worries!

You have any other reasons?

PS: My favourite is #7