Build A Better Boss By Being A Leader

A boss is someone that has authority due to their position. A leader can often be anyone on the team and earns their title through their actions. Be the leader by being the boss of your actions and situation. Hold yourself accountable to be the leader you want to be.
Nothing works better than positive reinforcement when it comes to relationship building
That doesn't mean you have to always be fake or brownnosing. It's as simple as it sounds because most people do respond better to positivity. Positive vibes work very well in just about every situation.
I had a high school football coach tell a lineman next to me "You came off the ball quickly and gave the guy a good hit, but you didn't move your feet so he killed the quarterback. Keep your feet moving and we are going to start moving the ball."
I ask the coach, "Why did you say he came off the ball quickly when he really didn't?" "The other kid is even slower and I want him to feel like he is doing well so our quarterback doesn't spend the weekend in the hospital," was his response before pushing me toward the huddle. Later, the coach explained that he always tries to be positive, critical, then positive again. He does that because people tend to remember the critical point when it's surrounded by positivity. They will also work harder if they feel appreciated. 
I got the point pretty quickly, but I also had no idea how much it would impact my life.

Some tips on how to build positive vibes with people:

  • Smile more- Smiling and laughter is contagious just like misery loves company.
  • Don't be too reactive- Ground yourself in some way before responding to something negative or stressful. Try pinching your toes together or grasping the ground with your feet (even if you're wearing shoes) because this will give you a second to ground yourself. Emotional responses rarely help.
  • Avoid gossip and office politics- This may not be easy in every situation, but it's always important because nothing good comes from gossip. Very little good comes from politics either. 
  • Always offer help- Everyone likes people that help them. People can also tell when someone is just coasting or doing the bare minimum. The person that is constantly volunteering to help get things done stands out.
  • Focus- People tend to not realize how much time they waste in a day. Be mindful of the task at hand and limit distractions. This will help you do better with your work while also helping you stand out a bit.
  • Encourage others- We all need appreciation. The more appreciation and thoughtfulness you show others the more you are likely to receive.