8 Personal Goals for a Better You Next Year

Personal goal setting starts with having a destination in mind.
If you don’t know where you’re going, why bother moving forward? You’ll just get more lost or find yourself back where you started again.
“If you don’t know where you’re going, every road will take you there.”- Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland
You have to have a destination of who you want to become in order to get there.
Personal goals will be easier to make if you know where you want to go.
You must start with how to get there and break down the steps. These steps must be realistic.
That doesn’t mean you can’t dream big; in fact,
“Shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you’ll still land among the stars.”
Dream big no matter what but be realistic at the same time. Be open to detours, too.
According to Action for Happiness[1], ways to make goals include deciding on goals, writing steps down, telling someone about it and plan out each step.
Here I will outline 14 personal goals that can help you become a better you:
1. Live Authentically
You don’t have time to be living your life as someone else. All you can do is be yourself. You must choose to be who you really are. That’s the best way to live.
Being yourself is not easy though. It requires dedication to your values and dreams. You won’t be able to be authentic without losing your fear of what others think of you.
There’s only one way to be successful in this life and it’s if you do it for the right reasons. It’s if you choose yourself. It’s not until you find that you will be free.
2. Take Time for You in Self-Care Prioritization
Self-care is not something you should take for granted. Often, we don’t prioritize it well enough. Some examples include finding time for yourself, do things that make you feel good. Get dietary advice to eat healthy and exercise to improve your health.
Take a break. Go outside. Relax. Read a book or watch a good movie with someone you love. It’s about rewarding yourself with your joys and hobbies.
3. Don’t Take Things Personally
The less you are concerned with others, the more you can focus on doing what matters most to you. What others say does not reflect the real you. It is just their perception, which may not be the full picture or the truth.
People who try to hurt you are not happy.
“Happy people don’t try to bring other people down.” – Anonymous.
That’s why it’s just not worth holding on to their words.
When you refuse to take things personally, it’s because you know who you are.
4: Decide What You Stand for
4. Decide to Be Who You Are Meant to Be
Look for things you are passionate about. Advocate to make yourself and others heard. Join groups that support your beliefs.
“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”- Anonymous.
So, decide what you value and what you stand for. Then, you can do anything.
5. Find the Silver Lining
Find happiness in any situation by finding the silver lining. You can decide to be happy because of the good you find. You must choose to look at the good.
People often think about the bad first, and they dwell on it. It’s human nature, but if you can look for the good or the silver lining, you will be happier for it.
You can learn from any situation or use any situation to better yourself or humanity. Take that and you will overcome it all.
6. Do Something Good for Someone
Instead of just focusing on your problems, do good for someone. It will not only take your mind off what problems you have, but also help you see that you are capable of doing good — right, you still have things to offer.
There are many opportunities to do good. Volunteering, checking on a friend or family member, get involved in a project that serves your community, etc.
The more good you do, the better you will feel.
7. Practice Daily Positive Self Talk
Every day is a new day. The way you talk to yourself is how you can ensure you build resilience and endurance through any challenge.
Here are some positive self talk examples:
“Things may have not gone my way but I can see the good in the situation still.”
“At least I am alive. I have my health, my abilities and the opportunities to use what I have for good.”
“I am worthwhile.”
“I can do it.”
8. Surrender, When Necessary
When you surrender, you give in to the current rather than fight against it. It means you value inner peace most of all. You don’t sacrifice your inner peace for anything. You know your worth, and you are willing to see how a situation unfolds. You don’t try to force solutions either.
Instead of forcing solutions, you allow the best ones to come forth. You also know how to use what you have. You don’t fight against your situation. You instead use it.
When you surrender, you are accepting what is. This makes it easier to move forward.
Source : Lifehack